The Darkroom Playground

Saturdays, from 10:00am – 1:00pm
May 4 & 11, 2019

This advanced darkroom class is for the truly enthusiastic darkroom lover who finds passion in the dark and hates to see the lights go on. Designed for those who know B/W printing basics but want to take their knowledge further. This class will include more serious tools and techniques for making good prints even better such as advanced dodging and burning and creative contrast control, plus more playful techniques like solarizing, selective development, paper negatives, sepia toning and much more. Bring a supply of black and white photo paper and negatives to each class. Contact CEPA with questions or suggestions about purchasing paper.

Price: $120.00
CEPA Member Price: $90.00

CALL (716) 856-2717 TO REGISTER.

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CEPA Teaching Artist: Kim Sholly

Kim has been teaching and sharing her love of the black and white darkroom since the early 1990’s. Since relocating to Buffalo in late summer 2017, she has been excited about the easy access to a darkroom in her new city and looks forward to having the opportunity to introduce CEPA’s darkroom to as many people as she can. She shoots primarily with homemade pinhole and 1960’s plastic toy cameras and says that the fun of shooting low-tech is the unpredictability of the resulting images, images that cannot be choreographed or reproduced and are only discovered later in the darkroom.

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