The Unseen Marion Faller

CEPA Gallery, in partnership with Dean Brownrout Modern/Contemporary, is pleased to present The Unseen Marion Faller, an exhibition and sale of photographic artwork by artist Marion Faller.

Marion Faller (1941-2014) was a photographer and professor of studio photography and photographic history. She taught at Colgate University, Hunter College, Marymount Manhattan College, and, from 1982 to 2006, at the University at Buffalo.

Her diverse artistic practice, laced with humor and a social documentarian’s eye, spanned 50 years. It encompassed street photography, collage, pioneering digital and xerographic art, and, in later years, full-color large-scale photography capturing public displays of religious customs, cultural traditions, and seasonal events.

Through the generations that she instructed and the artists with whom she associated, Faller’s impact and influence on the Western New York community and the art world at large continues.

The exhibit includes many of Faller’s early works, collaborations with other artists, and unique ephemera. Many pieces in the exhibit have never been presented in a gallery setting.

The Unseen Marion Faller will be on view from April 20-July 14, 2018. An opening reception will take place on April 20 from 7 to 10 pm. The exhibit and reception are free and open to the public.



clockwise from top-left:
Bob Huot’s Costume Party, July 1974
The Zucchini Variations #14 (1975)
Words and Pictures #7 (early 1970s)
Thanksgiving Day Parade, N.Y.C. (c. 1965-70)

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